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Andreas Sjöberg

So, you've looked at my profile (or LinkedIn) and now you want to get to know me.

Well, continue reading…

Yup, that's me on the drums

So, why do I wanna be in the band?

First of all…

I love music,

and second…

I love developing the best software among the best people.

I'm ready to take in all of Spotify's culture and collaborate with awesome people.

With extensive experience in forming cross-functional, agile teams, and development of business critical software, I believe I can contribute with lots of ideas as well as mean full-stack development knowledge.

I've had (and currently have) a leading role with mentorship built in, focused on developing both the best software and (with an extra passion for) developing the best people.

Why me?

What makes me successful in my current role?

I can talk both tech and business, and most importantly, I can adapt to the current situation and context, which makes me valuable for business to be able to translate tech, and for tech to be able to translate business into requirements and features.

I've done my 10 000 hours (and then some), I've reviewed millions of LOC in PR's and I've built numerous projects from scratch to maintenance. I've developed small projects in small, single teams. I've developed big projects in a multi teams development environment. I know what it takes and have the ability to adapt to context.

I've worked at project driven companies (Saab), product development companies (Bluegarden / Visma) and currently in a consultant company. I've filled my toolbox with many great tools for different scenarios and contexts, which I've learned to apply accordingly.

I hope this got your interest, 'cause I would love to talk more about what we could gain from each other and how we could grow together.

Oh, and did I mention we still have some (old) tracks on Spotify?
(Some of the images above are from the (analog) recording of this album.)

Let’s connect or grab a ☕ to continue the conversation