Andreas Sjöberg



Åkervägen 23
352 49 Växjö



19 December 1986

Career Ambition

Hobby musician, floorball player, DIY enthusiast and a gadget craving software wizard.
I'm a natural leader, agile advocate, and a master at software architecture, design, and, development.
My ambition is to be best at what I do, to never settle for good but to always strive for great.
I enjoy empowering people and improving processes through tools and communication.
Currently hold a B.Sc. in Computer Science and have great experience in agile team management, software architecture and design, and development processes throughout the organization, involving steps such as; issue management, coding, version control, and quality assurance.

Natural leader

I'm a natural leader and always has been. Maybe that's why I've been employed as Scrum Master & Lead Developer?

Git master

Github, Gitflow, rebasing and force pushing. What's not to love?


Incurable coder

I love to be technically engaged in the projects I'm working in.

Side projects

Side projects you say... Bring 'em on! Web development, raspberry pi tinkering, open source contributions...


2018 (February) - Present

Senior Consultant

Software and systems architecture, project management and development.
In a world of high performers.

2015 (March) - 2018 (February)

Scrum Master & Lead Developer

Scrum Master and Lead Developer for a cross functional team taking responsibility for developing functionality throughout the company's enterprise solution, including frontend (web based), backend (payroll engine and integrations) and database.
Moved the entire development department to Git and implemented a new workflow for the entire development department.
The role as Lead Developer involves responsibilities, such as, educating and mentoring other members of the development department, working with the overall software architecture and design, and, managing tasks across teams.
I've also taken on responsibility as Supervisor for students and representing the company at university gatherings and developer conferences.


2009 (June) - 2015 (March)

Project Manager

Project Manager in a project towards the Swedish defense, FMV (Försvarets materielverk). Developing a new software version for their Air Traffic Management at three military airports in Sweden.

Technical Project Manager

Technical Project Manager in an EU related project called SESAR where the company is exploring a new market and developing a completely new system. As well as involved in communication with other stakeholders, also responsible for system architecture and design.

Systems architect / designer

Systems architect and designer for maneuverable camera system in product Remote Tower.

Product owner

Product owner for six products, involving sales responsibility and product handling with PLCM (Product Life Cycle Management).


2009 (January - May)

Bachelor of Science Thesis at BSR AB

Thesis at BSR AB in Växjö. Vehicle performance analysis through information collected through ODB-II connection communicating with the car over CAN. Link: DIVA


2008 - 2009

Sales person at IKEA Homeshopping

Selling IKEA's products to private customers through customer initiated phone contact.


2007 - 2008

Regional manager of sales for ComHem

Responsible for home sales of ComHem's services in Växjö.


Santas Mekaniska AB, 2005 - 2006
Vetlanda Gatukontor, 2005, 2007
Herenco Distribution AB, 2003, 2005
OEM Automatic AB, 2002, 2004

Professional Scrum Master (2016)

Course for certification as Scrum Master in accordance with Course held by Softhouse.

Secure Software Development (2016)

Course held by Combitech in Secure Software Development, including theory and a practical part focused on web development and OWASP top 10.

Architecture Fundamentals (2013)

Work related course in software architecture, held by Informator.

PPS step 1 (2011)

Work related course in Practical Project Steering. Course for project management using the project model PPS.

OANS course (2010)

Work related course; introductory course in Air Traffic Navigation Services.

Internet programming, 7.5hp (2007)

Stand-alone course, in addition to full-time study, including techniques like PHP, Ajax and SQL, at Växjö University (now called Linnaeus University).

Bachelor of Science, 180hp, 3 years (2006-2009)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at Växjö University (now called Linnaeus University).

Computer skills


Git, Visual Studio, TFS, JIRA, Microsoft Expression, SQL Server Management Studio, Subversion and lots and lots more...

Web development

References: Kettilsås

Projects: Share A Secret, Poker Planning

Programming skills